Clima 68


The Clima 68 window brings all the reliability of our thirty years of experience. The thickness of 2.7 inches makes this product suitable for any architectural solution, offering a good thermal and acoustic insulation.


We can make almost any kind of window: single, double or multiple casement, lift-slide window, sash window and arched window, always accompanied by the CE label.


The Clima 68 windows as the Clima 92/102 are available in four different stylistic variations, customizable depending on the style of the building or the taste of the customer.

 - Falegnameria Conte L.P.


Clima 68 "2100"


This window is characterized by essential lines and wide glass to perfectly fit in modern buildings and allow excellent caloric intake during the winter.






Clima 68 "2000"


French window with central crossbar.









Clima 68 "900"


 Traditional French window with timeless elegant design and wooden insulated panel at the bottom.






 Clima 68 "800"


This window has been designed for the preservation of historical heritage, characterized by the upper crossbar and the wooden insulated panel. Its design is great for valuable renovations where is crucial to take care of the aesthetic appearance along with the highest energy efficiency.




The Clima 68 windows are made of laminated wood to ensure stability and long-lasting durability. To optimize the living comfort we install low-emissivity or selective double glazing, depending on customer needs. We provide three seals as standard, to keep rain, cold air and noise outside.