Aluminum clad wood and bronze clad wood


for a low maintenance exterior


The wooden elements that make up the windows frames are derived from certified KlimaHouse "Climate 92", it follows that the windows "ClimaAlu 110" ensure the highest standards of thermal and acoustic insulation.


The side of the window facing out is coated by the aluminium or the bronze frames. In this way there is no contact between the wood and the outside environment, protecting the wooden frames from the weather distress.


You can choose between several RAL colors, or invent a new color at your choice. We also have wood-like finishes such as cherry, oak, walnut, pine and Douglas fir. We use quality materials guaranteed for 10 years that does not need maintenance and retain their natural luster over the years.



Window thickness: 109.5 mm 5 seals
Casement thickness: 106.5 Ug: 0.5 W/m2K
Glass thickness: 60 mm Uf: 1.1 W/m2K



 - Falegnameria Conte L.P.

1) Sealing between the aluminium frame and the glass


2) Rounding profile for an elegant design


3) Sealing between the aluminium wing and the aluminium frame


4) Sealing between the wooden wing and the wooden frame


5) Enclosed chamber to discharge the rainwater so that it doesn't come into contact with the wood


6) Drain water to the outside


7) Thermoacoustic seals


8) Fixing clips of aluminum profiles