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 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

CasaClima® quality windows

When dealing with windows and doors there are some aspects that are easy to understand, such as the aesthetic quality or the price. Other aspects, instead, are more difficult to evaluate and therefore the consumer must rely only on the promises of the retailers.

It is difficult to estimate:

- the thermal insulation in winter and summer

- the absence of drafts and condensation

- the proper lighting of the rooms

- the safety in use

- the product durability over time

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

We are the first carpentry company to offer quality seals named “Finestra qualità CasaClima” and “Porta Finestra qualità CasaClima”, that guarantee comfort, energy efficacy and climate protection

The CasaClima® quality seal is awarded only after passing several tests evaluating both the product and the installation. 

These certifications allow us to better meet your needs, ranging from the restoration of traditional buildings to brand new modern buildings, always providing high quality materials.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

The quality of the windows is therefore very high, the installation method instead is rather obsolete because it has been the same from the 60s until today.

Aware of the importance of innovation as a driver of growth, especially in times of market stagnation, we attended many innovative installation lectures, achieving a higher skills, improving our know-how just to provide you better quality.

Our installation technique is also certified by CasaClima®.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS