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 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

In our workshop, located in the North-West of Italy, in Piedmont, we produce a wide range of windows, doors, shutters, blinds, front doors, furniture and furnishing, following the precepts of different styles.

 We have always cooperated with professionals, such as architects and designers, in order to create products that match unique features of beauty, charm, functionality and durability.

 Our dynamic manufacturing process allows us to customize all the goods of our production, therefore our designers are able to offer personalized solutions, starting from either an existing project or from a simple idea.

 We only use the best raw materials, dried and stabilized to ensure high durability in our products. For the finishing process we use water-based coatings only, which are able to keep the wood beautiful and healthy for a long time, as well as taking care of the environment.

 Contacting our technical staff for a free quote, you will discover the professionalism and reliability that have always distinguished the Falegnameria Conte.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

Why choose us?

Because we manufacture our own windows, doors and furniture.

Choosing Falegnameria Conte you will get all the prestige of the made in Italy and all the reliability of a product designed, manufactured and installed by the same company with experience and professionalism.

Because we offer high technology products.

We always work to increase our technical skills, eager to give you advanced solutions and products such as the windows certified " ClimateHouse".

Because our middle name is "professionalism".

We do not delegate the care of our customers: we personally follow every step of the work, from preliminary inspection through production to installation. You will be in good hands.

Because we take care of the environment.

You can choose a product with low environmental impact such as wood, without sacrificing the quality, sure of the fact that we carefully select our timber suppliers, making sure that they respect the natural life cycles of trees. We also use only water based paints.