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 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

The Clima92 window is a concentrate of technology and performance: 3,62 or 4 inches thick, crafted from the finest laminated wood to provide strength, durability and outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation. The flexibility of our craft production allows us to propose four different stylistic variations, customizable depending on the style of the building or the taste of the customer.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

We are the first carpentry company to offer quality seals named “Finestra qualità CasaClima®” that guarantee comfort, energy efficacy and climate protection. The CasaClima® quality seal is awarded only after passing several tests evaluating both the product and the installation. 

We got these seals both for doors and windows in traditional and modern design, both certified in Class A.

These two certifications allow us to meet your needs, ranging from the restoration of traditional buildings to brand new modern buildings, always providing high quality materials.

Clima 92 "2100"

This window is characterized by essential lines and wide glass to perfectly fit in modern buildings and allow excellent caloric intake during the winter.

Clima 92 "2000"

French window with central crossbar.

Clima 92 "900"

Traditional French window with timeless elegant design and wooden insulated panel at the bottom.

Clima 92 "800"

This window has been designed for the preservation of historical heritage, characterized by the upper crossbar and the wooden insulated panel. Its design is great for valuable renovations where is crucial to take care of the aesthetic appearance along with the highest energy efficiency.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

Thermal transmittance

Uw: 0,86 [W/(mqK)]

Uf: 1,1 [W/(mqK)]

Ug: 0,5 [W/(mqK)]

Single swing window: 95 x 140 cm


Technical features of our windows:

Ten-year guarantee paint:

our windows are painted with high quality, non-toxic and environment friendly water-based paints. Thanks to the scrupulous care of the painting process the ten year warranty is also in force for the external side of the window. The paint film obtained has extremely tough adherence to the underlying wood, while maintaining a high elasticity. Each window can be finished with lacquer or stain. You can order any kind of RAL color, many different shades of stain and we always offer you personalized colors.

Wooden insulated panel.

 Anti-theft 4 sides locking system:

 tilt and turn system available on all windows; adjustable hinges; design handles.

Saint-Gobain stained glass:

we install double glazing containing Argon gas at 90% and warm edge spacer. To meet the needs of the customer we propose different solutions with low-emissivity or selective glass sheets, giving multiple values ​​of caloric intake and Ug ranging from 0.9 to 0.5 [W/(m² K)].

10 years guaranteed seals:

the Clima 92 windows are all equipped with four seals, two on the frame and two on the window, to ensure no drafts, no water seepage and noise reduction even with strong wind. The manufacturer of our seals has done big efforts in R&D creating a product that can maintain its elastic module unchanged for ten years after installation. Therefore, if the seals do not degrade the overall performance of the window will be the same over time.

Noise reduction up to 44 dB isolation:

we install Saint Gobain Silent panes that guarantee an excellent sound insulation to provide high living comfort specially in noisy areas.


 If you wish to obtain KlimaHouse certificated windows you need to opt for in squared windows, single or double casement. If this certification is not required then it is possible to create multiple casement windows, sash windows, and lift & slide windows, and even arched windows, with the CE certification.