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Sash Windows

We manufacture several models of wooden sash window, painted with 10-year-guaranteed water-based paints.


The main features of our windows are:

1: Traditional style: we reproduce the aesthetics of the existing historic windows to make the new sash windows suitable for the Conservation Areas;

2: High air tightness: ensured by the seals installed in the sliding areas between the sash and frame, this results in absence of air drafts, significantly improving the home comfort;

3: High acoustic insulation: thanks to our unique locking system which pushes the sash against the frame, and the use of the laminated glazing with high acoustic attenuation (only on the motorized version).

4: Ease of glass cleaning thanks to the horizontal-pivot opening system of both sashes.


Our range of sash window consists of:

    • Manual opening sash window;
    • Motorized opening sash window;
    • "Silent" glazing sash for high noise reduction;
    • Horizontal-pivot opening system sash window.


Manual opening sash window:
The sash opening is done manually, thanks to the weights. We install a special anti-theft lock, driven by a handle located at the centre of the lower crossbar, which makes the sash impossible to be opened from outside. The counterweights are attached to the sash through hidden links located inside the frame, instead of the traditional visible ropes. This technology allows having a clean design and the certainty of a high durability.


Motorized opening sash window:
The sash opening takes place mechanically, thanks to an electric 220V motor. To move the sash, you have to push the buttons located near the window, or with a handy remote control, having care that the moving sash will not hit children, animals or objects. In the event of a power failure the sash can be moved manually, from inside only, by using the provided handle. All mechanical components are hidden inside the frame; nonetheless they are easily accessible for maintenance by removing the covers. Maintenance operations are made safe by a security system that disables the electric motor when the covers are open. Thanks to the engine block it is impossible to manually lift the sash from the outside. This allows you not to install the lock and the handle, giving to the new window a look that is similar to the old traditional sash window. The customer takes charge of all the electrical connections.


"Silent" glazing sash for high noise reduction:
On the motorized model only, you can install a special kind of laminated glazing, with high noise reduction, known as "Silent". The high thickness and the weight of this glazing make the electric motor compulsory to easily lift the sash. The noise reduction is 40 dB (+/-1). This stratified glazing provides higher security: in case of crash with breakage of the glass sheet the shards will be retained by the PVB film, preventing injuries to children and pets.


Horizontal-pivot Opening System sash window:
This is the model that better expresses Italian creativity and technology. Both the manual and the motorized models can came with 180° horizontal-pivot sash openingThis technology has been created to make it easier and safer to clean the exterior glazing, which, after rotation, is located inside the home and therefore easily accessible without calling cleaning companies or practicing dangerous stunts. From outside, the window looks identical to all previous models, according to the dimensions and proportions of the historic sash windows. Special designed seals guarantee the air and water tightness.


 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

CE certification results

Air permeability: 3

 Watertightness: 7A

 Wind resistance: C4

Test window dimensions: b 238cm X h 275cm

Frame average thermal transmittance: 1,4 W/m2K

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS