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Why choose wood?

The wood has always been the building material par excellence thanks to its ease of retrieval and processing. It is a living material, warm, colourful and aromatic; it is also durable and insulating. This mix makes it unique and beautiful to be owned in your homes. No wood-like plastic coating, although of good quality, will be able to emulate this natural beauty.

Often however, because of some problems related to the past, it is common to think that the life time of the wood or rather the duration of the applied paint, is rather short, and forces to expensive and complicated maintenance.

You have to know that today, thanks to the enormous progress made in the field of paints, such problems no longer exist. Thanks to the ten-year guarantee paint you can enjoy the beauty of your windows without any extraordinary maintenance.

 Some materials are today considered to be more technological like PVC and aluminum are also subject to aging problems as well as the wood.

Furthermore it should be recognized that a good quality PVC or aluminium window could be as much expensive  as a wooden window or even more.

 - Falegnameria Conte SAS

From the point of the environmental impact the wood can be considerate better than any other material. The wood used to manufacture windows, doors and furniture is grown exclusively by the energy of the sun, the nourishment of the water and carbon dioxide contained in the air. Through the photosynthesis process all this elements are converted into lignin and cellulose, than in trunk, branches and leaves, releasing oxygen as a "waste" of this production process.

It is scientifically correct to chop the mature trees but only if it is done following specific laws and planting new trees in place of the old ones. Young trees grow faster than old ones, absorbing more CO2 and releasing more oxygen in our polluted air.

Any other raw material instead requires a lot of energy to be produced, burning oil, generating Co2 and pollution.

Almost 100% of a wooden window can be recycled.

The Pvc instead due to the large amount of chlorine and oil it contains is difficult to recycle and the process is very expensive.